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Top Five Tips in Listening IELTS

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Some of you might find that listening is the most difficult section in IELTS. There are many test takers who has no ability to complete the listening section because none of what has been delivered by the speaker makes sense to them. Well, to help you get better achievement, you can apply the following tips.

1. Predicting the answer.
How can you do this? Well, in this context try to think that if you have read the choices provided in the book test, you will also know what you are listening to. It can help you to try and predict the type of answer you are looking for. For example you will get the idea whether you should look for a data in form of a number, name of place, or time.

2. Focusing on the whole question.
Mistakes which are usually done by test taker are mostly caused by your unclear focus toward the recording and the question. Try to focus on both to be successful in it.

3. Looking at two questions at once
Another problem emerged whenever the test taker feel left behind when he or she listen to the recording. It will cause a big difficulty if test taker gets no time to read the coming up question. So, when you are in number 3 for example, try to read until number 5. Being one step ahead is better than left behind.

4. Looking for clues in the question
You can try to train yourself to be able to get the clues from the question. By having a clue, you will know exactly what you need to listen to.

5. Leaving no blank space
Yes, it might be very simple for you but this thing is sometimes neglected by test taker. There is a possibility that test taker is careless so that she left some blanks in this section. Others feel it difficult to guess the answer, so they just leave it blank. Remember, it should be noted that even if you make mistake in guessing, your score will not be reduced for trying to guess.


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