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Common English Questions: Drunk or Drunken ?

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What is the differences between Drunk and Drunken ?
This is one of the common English question that are frequently asked by student. So here are the solution.

+ Drunk = A drunkard:
He is a drunk: He always drinks alcohol to the point of impairment of physical and mental faculties. Drinking has become his habit and he can't quit.
+ Drunken can't be used as a noun.

+ Drunk:
He got drunk yesterday and his parents had to drive him back home. (here drunk was used after a verb)
He were drunk yesterday. (also drunk was used after a verb) In formal writing, Drunk shouldn't be used in front of a noun. However there are some exceptions such as drunk driver and drunk driving since they have been put into use for a very long time.
For example:
A drunk driver was fined heavily because of the serious damages caused by him yesterday.
Drunk driving is unacceptable in all the countries.

Bear in mind that a drunken driver is also a correct phrase. The difference is that the phrase "a drunken driver" only refers to a driver who got drunk and "a drunk driver" refers to a driver whose alcohol level exceeds the legal limit.

+ Drunken:
A drunken student ruined the whole graduation ceremony.
As you can see Drunken can also be used as an adjective as Drunk. The difference is that Drunken should be used in front of a noun whereas Drunk should be used after a verb.

+ Drunk: Past participle of drink
They have drunk only vodka since they came to the party.
+ Drunken: can't be as a verb.


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