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Three Positive Actions toward Writing Section in IELTS

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Writing in IELTS does not test on the knowledge owned by test taker. He or she will be tested on how to organize his or her writing. Besides, test taker’s ability in fulfilling the test according to the instruction given is also an important thing in completing this section. Nevertheless, test taker can do a smart move by broadening his or her knowledge about current affairs. Reading newspaper every day before taking IELTS will help a lot in enriching test taker’s information that will give him or her some other benefits. Why this knowledge is so important?

Usually, topics that are taken in IELTS are related to current events happened in society. Therefore, updating information will be beneficial in smoothing the process in writing IELTS because test taker will have sufficient ideas and vocabulary to write, especially in the essay (part two in writing section). Test taker will have broad ideas on both sides of the topic that will make it easier for him or her to elaborate the supporting ideas that have been collected and compose it into paragraphs.

Next smart move is keeping eyes on the clock during the test to control the time used in finishing two parts in writing section effectively. Remember that test taker doe not waste his or her time in reading the instruction! Instruction will guide him or her to the exact thing asked in the test. Knowing what test taker should complete in the essay, test taker then needs to divide a perfect time arrangement for each part. The number of words that should be completed must be one consideration as well. Test taker has to make sure that they don’t have less than 150 words for part one and less then 250 for part two. When he or she has less number than it should be, test taker will be awarded maximum 5.0 for writing section.

Test taker should also check his or her final writing to make sure that he or she has used the correct forms of grammar. It includes the use of articles as well. The use of plural and singular form after articles should be well written by test taker. In order to have a better grammar in his or her writing, test taker could practice writing by using the help of grammar book.


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