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Making the Last Part of Speaking IELTS as the Best One

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The last part of speaking section in IELTS is two-way discussion or topic discussion. The duration of this part is for about three to four minutes. Examiner gives some questions which are linked to the previous part. For example, if in the second part test taker gets a topic on tourist resort, then examiner might ask some questions such as “What do you think about mass tourism?”, “What is the positive thing of tourism for the local people?”, or “What are the solutions for coping the environment’s problem regarding the high level of tourism?”

From several blogs that I read, some people say that it is better for test taker to use several expressions such as “That’s a good question” and “Let me think” whenever the test taker deals with problems in answering the question, especially in getting the idea after test taker gets the question. Some people say that it is better to make a kind of ‘drama’ before starting giving the answer. Then, I found out the answer from some education exhibitions I had attended that test taker does not need to do all of that.

The principal is very simple, “give the monkey what the monkey wants”. So, there is no need for us to give efforts in doing such a thing. What test taker needs to do is simply answering the question. The most important thing is that test taker should avoid repeating the examiner’s questions. Test taker just has to answer the question right to the point. If test taker deals with some difficulties in understanding the question, don’t be afraid to ask for clearance by stating "Sorry but could you explain what you mean by….” Or “I have not come across that word before. Could you explain what you mean?” The point of speaking test is about communication. So, there it is a must for test taker to be communicative in order to achieve the best result in speaking session.


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