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Simple but Useful Strategies for your Essay in Writing IELTS

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When you are facing a piece of blank paper where you should write approximately 150 words in task one and 250 words in task two, you might be panic if there is no idea comes to your mind. Being panic in this kind of situation is a big NO! You should take a deep breath when you are in this kind of situation. Then force yourself to mechanically go though the steps as listed in the previous article (managing first paragraph, body and conclusion paragraph).

This condition might happen to you on the day of the test if you have too many thoughts in your mind. When it happens, you should be brave to do some cuts. Yes, you have to pick the best idea from many ideas that you have thought about.

The next strategy that you can apply is being concerned with mistakes that you might have on your writing. You need to check whether your sentence is too short or too long. If your sentence is too short, you should check to see whether you have an identifiable subject and verb or not. On the other hand, if your sentence is too long, then you need to break up that sentence into two. You should be concerned with your choice of words. Remember that your writing is scored from your ability to develop and express ideas. There is no need to try to impress anyone with your vocabulary. So, instead of having a fancy work, it is better for you to have a well-developed and organized writing.

Last thing that is simple but important in writing IELTS is reviewing your work. Don’t be too confident about your work. Still, you need to spend some time to give review on your work. You need to clean up any minor mistakes that you might have. Just believe that these minor corrections will bring a huge difference to your writing. After doing all the above things, then just be proud of what you have written.

Reference: IELTS Secrets, copyright 2002 by MO Media.

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