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Getting to Know Better about Types of Questions in Task 2 Writing IELTS

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In task 2 writing IELTS, test taker will not deal with any visual information. Instead, test taker gets a topic that should be described in 40 minutes. The topic is in one of the following possibilities:
  • Opinion
Test taker should give his or her opinion whenever he or she gets a question such as “Some people think that working at a very young age is positive for the child’s future. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?”
In this type of question, test taker doe not have to give both sides of point of view. Test taker just needs to be clear in describing his or her personal opinion in the introduction then explain it until he or she completes the writing.
  • Discussion and opinion
Test taker needs to pay attention in this kind of question in order to differentiate it with the previous type. This type requires test taker to explain both sides regarding the question. The argument given for one point of view must be the same with another side.
Plus, if test taker gets question to give opinion, he or she just need to make the opinion clear in the introduction and conclusion. Test taker does not need to add extra paragraph only for explaining his or opinion.
The sample question is “Some people believe that non-medical treatment is the best way to cure any diseases, while others believe that medical treatment is still be the best option for some reasons. Discuss both views and give your opinion.”
  • Problem + solution
This type is quite simple because test taker just needs to simply write two paragraphs. One paragraph can be used to explain the problem. Meanwhile, the second paragraph is used to explain the solutions. The example question of this type is “The rate of unemployment in developed countries is increasing. Explain this problem and suggest some solutions.”
  • 2-part question
In this part, test taker is asked to be able to describe not only one, but two questions that are related one another. The form of question of this type can be “There are many television stations which are able to attract teenagers’ attention to join a talent competition through talent show program. What negative effects that follow this phenomenon? Should there any regulation in the age limitation in order to secure the education of young teenagers?


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