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Tips on How to Pass IELTS Listening Section

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Surely there are plenty of standardized tests that you have to take even only for fluency purposes if you want to move to and live in other countries that use other languages that are different from your mother tongue. It is such a requirement to make sure that when you are ready to move into those countries, you will be able to communicate using those languages fluently and also effectively and one of those skills that are needed to be tested is listening because this is the first step of communication. You need to hear before you make verbal or non verbal responses.

Like we said before, there are tons of standardized tests especially for English language and one of those tests is IELTS. IELTS is the International English Language Testing Examination which is an important test people have to take to prove that have decent literacy in English and that they can survive living in English-speaking countries at least if they can communicate with other people using English which is an international language. Speaking of listening, this section is actually the only section that you will have difficulties in finding good materials to practice but in actuality, you do not have to worry because we have couples of tips you can apply in taking the listening test.

The first tip is about leaning British accent because a lot of listening test on IELTS are recorded using British accent and we know exactly that this particular accent is actually the hardest to understand among other usual English accents. The next tip is to try to understand thoroughly the written and verbal instructions of the listening section. The next is to make sure that the actual tape is audible and easily understood. And about your handwriting, make sure that it is neat and legible.  

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