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Crucial 15 minutes in IELTS Speaking Test

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In IELTS, all skills of language are tested, including speaking which is tested at the end of the test session. Test takers need to wait up their chance to have it because they need to do it one by one. Test takers have to deal with native speaker who gives some questions during the test. Time provided for this speaking test is for about 15 minutes. In its implementation, the examiner has prepared a tool to record the result of the test. In order to be successful in the test, it is very important for the test taker to know about the parts of the test for smoothing the flow of the speaking test.

The first part is introduction and interview. In this part, examiner introduces him/herself and checks test taker’s name. Then, the examiner asks test taker some questions about general topics. The time provided for this part is 4 until 5 minutes.
The second part is individual long turn. Test taker gets around three until four minutes, including one minute preparation time, to finish the session. In this part, examiner gives test taker a written task card. Test taker has one minute to think. Test taker can also take notes before speaking for about one until two minutes. At the end of test taker’s talk, examiner asks one or two questions related to what he or she has said.
The last part is two-way discussion. In this part, together with the examiner, test taker discuss about more abstract issues and concepts which are thematically linked to the topic of test taker’s talk in the previous part. The time provided is four until five minutes.
There are some things that test takers can do to improve his or her achievement in this section. The first is being relaxed in answering questions. Test taker needs to be confident in delivering the answer so that the examiner sees him or her as a fluent speaker.
Test taker also has to be aware to the clearance on the idea that he or she wants to use. In the speaking test, the examiner assesses the test taker’s ability to communicate. Test taker needs to practice at home and record the result to have his or her judgment about it. Remember! Don’t try to memorize the answers as the examiner will be able to differentiate between memorized and spontaneous answers.

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