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What You Need to Practice for Listening Section on IELTS

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You must realize that IELTS is one of the hardest English proficiency tests ever existed and you cannot belittle it if you want to get good scores out of it. From the four sections you can find on the test, one of the most difficult tests especially for people who do not use English as second language is actually the listening section. And from a lot of test takers’ experiences, one thing that makes them do fatal mistakes is by belittling this part. For instance, if you are pretty sure about your answer of questions about date and then you write it in the incorrect form, it would mean that you throw away getting good scores on this section because this type of questions will appear not once but many times and if you keep doing the same mistakes then it will just only risk your score.

For example, when you hear 12th June 2013, you will most likely write it 06/12/2013 which is American style and the people who will do the correction will also be confused because 06/12/13 for British people is 6th December 2013 which means they will likely to mark this as an incorrect answer even though your understanding is correct, just because you make mistakes on transferring the answers on the answer sheet, they will mark them as incorrect.

The safest way is to actually write the whole for in which you have to write 12th June 2013, 12 June 2013, June 12, 2013, or June 12th 2013. And do not forget to never use the shorten form when you want to write months or days (Aug or Sun) because they will also take it as incorrect answer. Other than to note this kind of little detail, you also need to practice more often hearing numbers and alphabets. 

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