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Nothing is Impossible, Including Improving Listening IELTS Score!

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Many people argue that improving listening skill is the most difficult thing to do. Some other people say that listening skill is a gift instead of a skill. Well, those are wrong opinions about this skill. Same as other skills tested in IELTS, we could do some efforts in improving our score. Test taker can pick some websites to help them learning more some different accents that are usually used such as British, American English, or other accents. Mostly, in IELTS, the recording uses British accent.

However, test taker must be ready in case he or she gets different access. For deepen test taker’s understanding in catching word in British accent, test taker can open BBC website in Test taker can check at VOA to learn more about American English accent in

By having enough number of practices, test taker will be able to catch clearer words compared to his or her initial ability. Before practicing, test taker might catch no words at all, but then, he or she is going to be able to break the sound that he or she has heard into words. So, what must be done to optimize the practices?

The first is by using a transcript. Test taker could do some efforts in catching the words played in the recording. After playing the recording for a few minutes, test taker can stop it for a while. Then, test taker sees whether he or she has understood every word or not by checking the transcript.

The second way is repeating phrases. After listen to the recording, test taker should try to remember then repeat the phrase. It is important for test taker to give repetition on words he or she has heard in order to improve his or her understanding on words that they have heard.

The last is training to have higher concentration. A good concentration is inseparable part for test taker in grabbing a good score because he or she needs this skill when dealing with background voices in the recording. Disturbing voices that test taker usually hear in airport, railway station, or shopping malls are aimed at disturbing test taker’s concentration.


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