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Crumbling the Fear in Dealing with Task 1 Writing IELTS

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Are you afraid in describing visual information like graph, diagram, or chart? Well, test taker might actually get the fear because he or she has no idea on the word choice that should be used. Talking about visual information, there are some vocabularies that test taker can hold as a ‘secret code’ to get the hidden treasure. The followings are some words that test taker can pick for finishing a battle with task 1 writing.
  • Account for: explain why something is as it is.
  • Analyze: describe various parts and how they relate to each other.  Give ideas for and against.
  • Assess: critically give worth or value to something.
  • Comment on: discuss and explain and give opinion on ideas expressed.
  • Compare: describe similarities between two or more things.
  • Contrast: describe differences between two or more things.
  • Compare and Contrast: describe similarities and then differences between two or more things.
  • Criticize: give your views and show supporting reasoning.
  • Define: give the meaning of something.
  • Describe: provide a detailed account of something.
  • Discuss: give opinion and compare and contrast and reach a conclusion.
  • Evaluate: provide an opinion with evidence to give worth to something.
  • Examine: divide up and describe the parts of something.
  • Explain: give clear information on something.
  • Generate: make new ideas and interpretation on subjects.
  • Hypothesize: make up imaginary ideas as a basis for testing conclusions.  (Supposition)
  • Illustrate: give examples, figures or diagram to clearly show clarity of meaning.
  • Integrate: bring together and link two or more things which were not necessarily linked before.
  • Interpret: make the meaning of something clear.
  • Justify: give reasons for opinions or ideas.
  • List: provide a group of items in a required order.
  • Outline: not detailed, just the main points only.
  • Prove: to show the truth of a statement using argument and justification.
  • Relate: compare and contrast two or more ideas or things
  • Review: to look at and critically examine something.
  • Show: provide reasons and causes
  • State: give out clear and concise ideas.
  • Suggest: provide ideas and then support them with ideas and facts.
  • Summarize: provide just the main ideas as in outline.
  • Trace: show a connection of development from the start.
  • Furthermore, test taker will find it useful for using the following vocabularies to explain the movement in graph or other visual information.
The use of various vocabularies is needed in writing section. Test taker may not copy the vocabularies used in the ‘motion’ or ‘question’ given. However, test taker has to remember that he she may not use different words only for repeating the ideas. Therefore, variation is still needed but not for telling the same things that have been stated previously.


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