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Conquer the Second Part of Speaking in IELTS

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After completing the first part of speaking test, test taker has to deal with the next part which is more complex than the previous one. The rule of this session is quite different as well because there is a card used as the media. There is also a topic that will be given so that test taker needs to give some explanations related to the given topic. Test taker gets one minute to prepare for the answer and 1,5 until 2 minutes to speak about the topic in the card. It is okay if the test taker wants to make notes.

The topic given in this part can be very various. For example is about neighbor. Test taker has to describe about it by answering three questions such as when did test taker become neighbors, does test taker often meet his or her neighbor, and whether test taker has a good neighbor or not.

After that, there are some follow up questions given to test taker such as what is the difference between neighbors and friends, why do people like to watch TV serials in their houses, how do you think of the relationship in the city, and how to improve the neighborhood.

Another example of given topic is about animal. There are some points asked such as what kind of animal is it and why does test taker like the animal. Then, the test taker might be asked to describe about the animal briefly.

The follow up questions can be what does test taker need to do to take care of it, what is the future trend of the animal, and how does the test taker think of the poaching of some precious animals such as pandas.

Test taker can not predict the topic that he or she will get. It can be something which is very simple or maybe quite complex. Nevertheless, some points of judgment can give test taker guideline in completing this session. The points cover fluency, range of vocabulary, grammatical structure, pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation, and chunking.


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