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What to Do with Paragraphs in Writing IELTS

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Well, in the previous articles, we have talked about some ideas about the surface of writing IELTS. Now, let’s discuss on paragraphs in this section.

In the first paragraph, you need to paraphrase or give quick description about the topic or table. You should use your own words or phrase to describe the topic or the table that you get. Then, you should explain about the table or give your opinion about the topic. You have to explain why you feel that way. Plus you should tell about your conclusion about the table or the topic. Next, you need to prepare your ‘writing points’ to set the right position for the main idea. The main idea then followed by some arguments that support it. You should make sure that the reader of your writing should be able to catch an ‘executive summary’ of the entire writing.

In the body paragraph, you need to check that your successive well expand the main paragraph. In order to support your paragraphs, you can use your knowledge and personal experience that are appropriate to support the idea that you have proposed.

In the last part, conclusion paragraph, you need to summarize what you have said and covered it in this paragraph. You can explain your opinion once more then do quick review about the reason of having that opinion. The main point of this paragraph is giving refreshing the readers on the main points that you have given previously.

Then, another important thing to do is check your work. You have to spend some time to go back at your paragraphs. You should reread it to make sure that everything you write makes sense. Besides, it should show that the flow used is perfect. You can clean up your spelling and grammar mistakes at this stage.

Reference: IELTS Secrets, copyright 2002 by MO Media.

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