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Improving the Writing Skills of IELTS Levels

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Looking into concepts of IELTS is fun because you will know how they learn the language and so on. And that is why we have four sections on IELTS which are listening, reading, speaking, and also writing. Listening and reading are said to be the receptive parts of language skills whereas speaking and writing are known as productive parts of language skills because the language users are required to produce something whether it is verbal language (for speaking) or written language (for writing). You can practice your listening and also reading by yourself because there are tons of materials and resources out there that will help you to learn these kinds of skills.

Feedback loops, just like the name, are the events that are parts of chains of cause and effect that will form a loop. And these are really needed when it comes to language learning. However, because of the speed all that, speaking is the only language skill that will be kind of hard if you want to give the learners such feedback loops because it is kind of impossible to stop and then correct the learners in the midst of saying something and then ask him to continue it.

However, it is kind of very possible for people who want to learn writing intensively to get good feedback loops that will be able to increase his skills of writing. If one wants to excel in writing skills, one needs to practice under the supervision of someone else (tutor, for instance). And the feedback loops will be given after they finish their tasks. And from there, they can reread their writings and learn from the mistakes and errors they made so they will not repeat the same mistakes again. But people actually do not need to make mistakes because mistakes are great.

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