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A Little Step to Understand on Things Should be done in Writing IELTS

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In completing the first task in writing IELTS, test taker should remember that he or she has to describe “only” information or data in the visual information chosen for him or her. It means that test taker may not add his or her opinion about the information. Besides, there are some important things to emphasize in completing task one.

The first thing that must be seen is the existence of time frame. If time frames exist, test taker needs to pick some words to show that time changes affect other things which are shown in the visual information. Another point that should be highlighted by test taker is that he or she should correlate the information from one data with others. Usually, test taker has to compare two graphs, charts, diagrams or other visual information. So, he or she really has to be aware in relating those various data. One thing that can be done to check whether test taker has written down a good paragraph to interpret the visual information is by reading the writing without looking at the visual information. Whenever the writing has given clearance to the reader, it means that the writer has successfully delivered what he or she has seen in the visual information.

In writing the information, test taker has to make sure that the paragraph used has covered three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Don’t make only a single long paragraph to describe or compare the visual information! Put yourself as a reader who is going to get some easiness by reading the writing if it is chunked into some parts.

In short, the test taker has to prove that he or she has the ability in describing objectively some graphic information, comparing and contrasting, reporting an impersonal topic without inserting personal opinion, and using the language of graph description well.

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