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3 Topics for an IELTS Essay: Argument, Hidden Argument, Situation | Part 2

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If you want to walk out of the IELTS exam room with a huge smile on your face, keep these: follow the rules, keep the right structure, use some “advanced” and “smart” vocabularies, and practice. This article is the last part of the series 3 Topics for Essay Writing IELTS: Argument, Hidden Argument, Situation. And we will talk about Situation type in this article.

3.    Situation
For example: Due to change of women’s role in modern society, men are now the ones suffering from sexual discrimination. Do you agree?
Here you can see the description of situation and you have to write what you think about it.

In this type of topic, you need to explore situation, and the reasons why it is what it is, and assume what will happen in the future and suggest solution to problems if required. Here is the sample of structure for this type of topic.
  • Introduction: state the situation and explain it. You do not need to give your opinion here. 
  •  Body : The detail, contain the reasons for the situation. Write at least 2 reasons. Write at least 2 paragraphs that each talk about each reason that lead to the situation. 
  •  Conclusion: Write the summary of the points you made in the essay. If the task requires suggesting solution to problems, recommendations, advice - this is the place for it. If your opinion is required – you should also give it in conclusion paragraph.
General Suggestions
Here are general suggestions about what you can do in your IELTS writing task 2, essay writing.
  1. Write on given topic directly. Is it situation, argument, or hidden argument topics?
  2. Write it in general, about “what is going on in the world”. Do not talk about your personal experience except you are instructed to do so.
  3. Read task instructions and write about every little thing that is requested in the instruction. If the task requires suggesting solution – do it. Do not forget to give recommendations or advice, if requested.
Finally we have gone through the last part of this series. Wait for our new series about tips and strategy how to do success in IELTS. Need personal guidance from me while learning IELTS? Contact me fast :)
Reference: Ace the IELTS (Simon Braverman)

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