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How to Make Sure You Pass Your Writing Section Test

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From the four sections on IELTS, most people will have difficulties particularly on writing section because they have to finish it in a short amount of time and they have to write, basically, an essay. And the thing that we need to tell you is you have to try to write and complete your conclusion paragraph as fast as possible because this is the important and main part of the writing task and it will also never be looked over by the examiners. From the experiences of a lot of IELTS test takers that want to achieve higher band scores; more than 7; they said that they need to plan on writing the paragraph that functions as the conclusion of your essay that contains not only the restatement of the problem but also the sentence of the true concluding.

The purpose of the sentence of your conclusion is to make the readers have one more idea left to be churned. And usually, this sentence is also able to make the readers rethink the early idea of the essay that is stated on the early paragraphs. However, we have to warn you that your conclusion sentence should not hold a stronger opinion or a main idea because it will only make your readers more confused.

All you need to do is to write a light sentence that will make your readers to reconsider the whole points of what you have written before. For instance, if the subject of your essay is about mandatory retirement, you do not have to use sentence like the government must change the policies to prevent the worse situation. Here you use word must which means it is a too strong conclusion. Instead of the word must, you can use words like perhaps, would be, or if because all are recommendations and light.

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