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Being Smart and Tricky in Writing IELTS Battle

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Why does the test taker need to be tricky as well in facing a battle in this section? Yes, smart is not enough in achieving a high score in this section. That is why being tricky comes up as the best solution for getting the expected score.

Test taker could put the first trick by analyzing some key points including catching what test taker should write about from the table or other visual information. It is very important to have this kind of plan so that test taker can have a clear focus on the exact idea. Test taker may not insert any examples from his or her life as well. The thing that must be done is writing the things that can be seen from the visual information. Don’t add and don’t reduce the data.

Nevertheless, test taker also has to master the ability to combine all data and transfer it by using appropriate word choice. Test taker has to be aware on the danger of the tendency to list the data only. He or she may not simply list the data from the visual information without trying to indicate the relation among those data. Remember that mentioning is not the same as describing.

Test taker does not have to explain on the thing that is not mentioned in the visual information. For example, if the graph shows some improvements from time to time, the writer does not need to explain the reason. If there is no sufficient data for explaining it, then just don’t write anything about it.

What about grammar? Well, in IELTS, grammar is one of the points that are scored. Therefore, test taker has to make sure that he or she uses the correct form of tense by having double check activity after finishing the work.


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