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IELTS Reading: Improving Reading Score | Part 3

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What are other things that we can do to improve your reading score? One stimulant that you think about is soldier’s activity. When a soldier is going to be involved in a war, he or she will learn on the battle itself, including the place, the time, and the enemy. The same thing happened in IELTS. You have to learn on the types of questions that you deal with in this reading section. You need to do many exercises on these different types of questions as each type of questions need different treatment.

Then, you should beware on word matching. Some test takers tend to answer the question by doing word matching. Well, in IELTS, you do need to apply word matching in skimming. But you may not only do that step in IELTS. That step is done only to get the location of the answer in the passage. Once you have the exact location, you look at the detail to answer your question. Therefore, you have to be aware so that you will not be trapped in word matching activity. Use it wisely according to its chronological order in answering question will be advantageous.

You need to know as well that you should answer some questions of which answers have been arranged chronologically. For example, the answer for question 4 will go after question 3. It will always go in the same order. So, you need to focus on the next part in the reading passage, which follow the questions.

Further, you need to decide your own choice to answer the questions. You might get the same opinion to read the question first then look at the passage to get the answer. But still, you have your own freedom to pick different way to answer the questions. You will get the answer of the suitable technique by having a lot of practices.

The last thing to do is getting to know well with the reading sheet. Though it may be simple, you may not neglect it. Use a copy of reading sheet, the same as the real one every time you are training yourself to improve your skill in this section.

The most important thing to highlight is that practice makes perfect. So, keep practicing to get the best result that you optimally can get.

See you on the next series of IELTS tips! Stay tune!

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