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Important Things in Listening IELTS Part 2

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In the previous article, we discussed some important things that should be paid attention on listening IELTS such as main ideas, voice changes, and specific information. Now, we will discuss more about other important things such as interpretation toward the recording, hidden meaning of the sentences and memory enhancers.

Having a clear interpretation is important because you need more than just regurgitate the spoken words to understand more about the context. When your listen to the recording, make sure that put yourself in others’ shoes. For example,
  • Woman: I can’t stand with a bad smell. This place must get some awards for making me feel so bad.
  • Man: Why don’t you wear a masker?
Sample question: Why did the man mention a masker?
Answer: A masker can minimize the bad smell which makes the woman can’t stand of.
The next important point is finding hidden meaning behind the speaker’s statement. In some opportunities, you might deal with this kind of question where the answer is not clearly stated. For example,
  • Man: I need some amount of money. Could you lend me a million rupiah?
  • Woman: I always want to help you, but this month my little sister will go to college. Our family needs some amount of money as well for the admission fee.
In this context, we see that the woman does not show the direct response. However, the meaning is quite clear. It is explained by giving other arguments which actually lead to a “No” answer.

The last important thing in listening is memory enhancer. We realize that you might get some difficulties in memorizing the idea from the recording. In IELTS, you are facilitated to write down some notes. So, you can write some information in the provided paper. You can use some abbreviations that you have made. It will shorten the words plus give you access for not spending a lot of time just to make notes. But still you are able to build a bridge for having a memory enhancer. So, simply use the scratch paper and make notes!
Reference: IELTS Secrets, copyright 2002 by MO Media

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