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Getting 9 in Listening IELTS: Is it possible?

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The highest score in IELTS is 9. To achieve this score will not be so easy to do. But still, there is an opportunity for you to get it. There are some important things that you may not forget when you are dealing with this section.

The first is giving full concentration toward the test. I know that sometimes you loose your concentration. However, you may not loose it during listening section. Not even for a moment you may loose it. Once you have no focus, you will miss some numbers.

The second is paying attention on spelling. This thing might be ‘small’ part that you may not forget. Spelling is important because if you make mistakes in spelling, you will loose your score. Make sure that you spell the word or phrase correctly.

Next, you can read ahead the question. By doing this step, you will be more prepared to welcome the next questions. For some test takers, they like to check the answer for previous questions. Don’t follow this step. Reviewing your answers can be done ten minutes at the end of the test, when you get time to copy your answer. Reviewing previous answers at wrong time will give no benefit to you.

Further, you can also need to highlight the keyword. The same as in reading, keyword also plays an important role for you. You should grab the keyword that will help you to get the focus on the thing that you should listen to. Keyword helps you to know what you are looking for from the recording. Keyword itself can be names, places, number, or a description in the question paper. Keyword can be in form of one word or more. There is no limit given on the number of words as keyword. This keyword gives you clue on the nature of speech or conversation in listening section.


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