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Easy to Apply Strategies for Getting Higher Writing Score in IELTS!

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The key point of getting high score in writing IELTS is having more practices. Test taker may not forget to use time limitation for creating a test-like situation. It is okay if test taker gives more practices on one of the tasks which is more difficult for the test taker. However, it is important for the test taker to have both kinds of writing before taking the real test. Remember that practice makes perfect!

Besides, there are some other strategies to maximize the achievement of writing IELTS. They are:
  • Finishing the second task first.
In completing writing tasks, test taker has to be smart in using the time allocation. To save more time, test taker could finish doing the second task before task one because task two is easier than task one. Besides, this task has a higher score.
It is better for test taker not to write more than 260-265 words. It should be highlighted that more words means longer time and more mistakes.
  • Paying attention on the writing structures.
Before deciding to stop writing though there are some time left, test taker should recheck his or her writing. Test taker has to make sure that each body paragraph consists of topic sentence, supporting sentences, and development sentences. Topic sentence gives the main idea of the paragraph while supporting sentences support the topic sentence (main idea). Development sentences can cover the examples used to enrich the paragraph.
  • Having a plan before start writing
In finishing writing IELTS, test taker who feels so stressed under the time pressure sometimes forget to plan what he or she should write initially. Test taker needs to decide what he or she is going to say and how he or she will expands it. To shorten the time, test taker could use ‘mind mapping’ as it is much faster than using other forms of outline.
  • Getting feedback from others
Test taker needs to have someone as the reviewer of his or her writing. Some corrections given to test taker will be beneficial in improving her writing skill. Teacher or friend would be helpful in showing the errors which usually unseen by test taker.

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