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A Big NO in Writing IELTS

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In writing IELTS, there are some ‘other’ things that must be considered by the test taker. Test taker has to realize that those some small things has a great possibility in reducing IELTS score itself. Therefore, it is better for test taker to avoid things as follows.
  • Slang
Using slang in daily conversation with our friends at school will be no problem. The different thing happened when test taker uses it in writing IELTS. The use of slang words such as gotta, ain’t, dunno, wanna, and many other words will harm test taker’s score.
  • Informal language
There is no tolerance that test taker gets if he or she uses informal language in writing IELTS. Test taker will not get any penalty though he or she uses it but their score will be affected by it. Informal language will be just fine in speaking section, but not for writing section. For example, it is better for test taker to use the word “man” than pick the word “guy” to replace it.
  • Contraction
Contraction is also a thing that must be avoided in writing IELTS. Test taker may not use it in both tasks. Test taker has to use the complete form in writing the words that he or she uses. There should be no “you’re”, “he’s” or “she’s” in the writing. The form of “you are”, “he is”, or “she is” should be used without using any contraction.
  • Poor spelling
In this case, poor spelling means using SMS-like spelling like typing one letter such as “u” to replace “you” or saying “btw” to represent “by the way”. If test taker wants to stay out of problems in getting low score, these kinds of things clearly must be avoided.
  • Not full sentence
In writing, sometimes, we do not write a full sentence for some reasons. That thing must not be applied in writing IELTS. Test taker will not be able to build a coherent and cohesive paragraph when he or she uses non-full sentence. So, test taker needs to keep using full sentence in his or her writing.
  • Grammatical mistakes
Grammar is inseparable element in building a good writing IELTS. The use of correct grammar is needed if test taker wishes to get at least 6 in his or her IELTS.
  • Unclear handwriting
Test taker will not be penalized because of his or her untidy hand writing. However, test taker has to remember that if the examiner is not able to read his or her hand writing then test taker’s score will be marked down.

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