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Having a Smarter Practice of IELTS

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Being closer to the test day, you might feel more worried on your test. Some of you might also take the chance to postpone the test itself. Well, IELTS does not only test on your academic skills in English but also your mentality towards the test. You might feel some series of fears starting from fear of the questions, the time, and also the strategy. This test stresses on test taker’s ability to cope these fears. A successful test taker will be able to manage his or her mentality in order to perform his or her best on the day of the test.

There are some actions that you can apply for being a smarter test taker of IELTS. The first is finding a good source of IELTS practice test. It is better for you to take official practice test from IELTS. Your learning sources determine a lot on your success.

Then, if you are able to provide a better investment, you try to buy one of the better study guides on the market. You just need to buy the study guide, not the practice tests.

If you want to take a practice test, make sure that you have a focus on the practice to apply the strategies for getting a good score. You can use ‘real timing’ after you feel that you have understood the main point of IELTS strategies. In this stage, don’t force your selves too hard. Provide an access to open your book to apply ‘open book’ method of practice. After going through this stage, you can decide to take a final practice test with no open material and time limits.

After that, you can gradually take some practice tests and record your result. Regular exercise will help you much in getting a supportive environment toward the test. As it is stated that practice makes perfect so, having more practices will be helpful to be perfect in this test.

The last thing to do is making your selves free from stress. You have done all efforts maximally so just feel relax and give the best shot on the test day.

Reference: IELTS Secrets, copyright 2002 by MO Media

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