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IELTS Reading: Improving Reading Score | Part 1

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When we talk about IELTS, it will be also about reading section. This section gives you a big opportunity to increase your overall band score as long as you can manage everything properly. One form of managements itself can be translated as using skimming and scanning techniques. If you have got the basic ideas of these two techniques pretty well, you can ask whether you have got the idea to improve your skimming and scanning ability or not.

Well, as a starter, let us discuss on how to improve skimming skill. When you skim the passage, make sure that you do not waste your time on details. You can do reading for detail at the end of the section. Therefore, it is better for you to look for important bits in the passage. Usually, you can get the main idea of the paragraph at the beginning of the paragraph. Therefore, checking at the first sentence of each paragraph will be important to do. It is so because more than likely, you can get the main idea at this point. Further, the first few words in each paragraph will also tell you what the sentence is about.

Then, how about improving scanning skill? In scanning the passage, it should be remembered that you don’t look at meaning of the words. You just need to get the needed information from the passage. One thing that you should not do is start reading at the beginning. If you do it, it means that you are failed in applying ‘scanning’. You have to remind yourself that you are not reading the text for a meaning but you are looking for a word. That is why, after you skim the passage, you should use the keyword from the question then scan the passage to get the answer. There is no need for you to repeat reading from the beginning again. Here, we can say that, applying skimming and scanning that can go hand in hand in reading IELTS is a great step to do. Improving your ability in applying these two techniques means open a greater opportunity for you to improve your reading achievement.

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