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What Lies Beyond the First Part of Speaking IELTS

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The first part of speaking test is about introduction and interview. Introduction here means that examiner introduces his or herself to the test taker. Then, he or she asks about test taker’s full name and other general data of the test taker. Test taker needs to answer some basic questions about his or herself.

One of the examples is about hometown. Examiner might ask test taker to explain about what kind of place it is, what is interesting there, what kind of jobs people do, and whether it is a good place to live. It will be very beneficial for test taker to prepare the answer well because part one is quite predictable so there will be not much variations can be found in this part. Though there is a possibility that the examiner may not understand well on the information that is given by the test taker, task taker should pay attention in giving the idea itself. There is a possibility for the test taker to deal with a problem because he or she gives imaginary answers that lead him or her in a difficult situation to prolong the answer. There is no way back in the speaking test, so once again, test taker has to be smart in giving his or her answer.

Then, examiner asks about the current activity of the test taker. If test taker works, the questions are about what kind of job it is, the reason for choosing that job, the length of working time in that place, and what the test taker likes or dislike about his or her job. If the test taker is a student, the questions are about the subjects that are learnt, the reason for choosing it, and the level of test taker’s enjoyment about those subjects.

Meanwhile, interview in this case means that the examiner gives some questions about familiar topic to the test taker. It can cover some areas such as test taker’s family, hobbies, food preference, daily routine, national festivals, or what tourist do in the test taker’s country. Sometimes, examiner relates the thing that can be found in the city with another thing like festival. For example, examiner might ask about famous street in the city. Then, examiner continues the question by asking what kind of festival usually being held there. Prior knowledge about the hometown of the test taker is a plus thing for being successful in the first part of speaking test.

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