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IELTS Speaking Test - Introduction (part 1 and part 2)

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There are 3 parts in speaking test, each part has some characteristic questions. The examiner (interviewer) will record the interview and score you based on what have you answered. This time we will explain you about part one and part two in the speaking test.

part one
The purpose of this first part is to settle you down, so the examiner will ask general questions of some familiar topics such as: studies, travel, sport, family, food, or exercise. This is an example of coversation on part one. Lets see how test taker answered about exercise.
<First, the examiner want to know how is your skill on identifying.>
Q: What kind of exercise do you enjoy?
A: I enjoy running. Because i think its easy...
<Then you will asked your expression and opinion>
Q: Is it important to exercise regularly?
A: yes, I think its really important, because...
Then they will ask you more because they want to see how is you skill on describing things, expressing preferences and giving reason.
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Pay attention to the question. Answer with the right grammar by notice what grammar is used in the question (make sure you know the verb tense of the question).
Q: What kind of exercise do you enjoy?
A: I enjoy running. Because i think its easy
writer's notes: Start to exercise by introducing yourself while looking at the mirror. Say what are your hobbies or activity loudly and clearly. It could make you more relax and confident in the d-day IELTS test.

part two
In part two, the examiner will give you a topic on a card to talk about for 1 to 2 minutes. You would have about 1 minute to take some notes. After you've written it down, the examiner will ask you some questions. You'll be asked about the object that is important to you, or a major festival from your country, or maybe to describe an interesting building.
On the note paper, you should write: what, where, who and why. For example, for the topic "describing a holiday or a vacation you took recently", answer with:
-what you did
-where you went
-who you travelled with
-why you enjoyed your vacation
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The examiner will ask follow up questions.
Q: Do you think you'll go back there again?
A: Ya, definitely. Shopping is one thing ...
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Answer the question with the longer statement by giving simple reason or explanation but DONT explain it TOO much, stay focus on the topic and keep it short and clear.

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