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IELTS Speaking Test - Introduction (part 3)

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From IELTS Speaking Test - Introduction (part 1 and part 2) we have learned about part one and part two of the speaking test. Now, lets continue to the next part.

part three
This part contains two-way disscussion and the examiner (interviewer) will converse with the test-taker in greater depth on a particular, more abstract topic. During this part, the examiner will allow this discussion to become more complex by asking you a series of questions. You may have to give answer that describe, compare, evaluate, justify or speculate on ideas related broadly to an issue. The topic of disscussion is related to part two.
Here the example of conversation in part three of speaking test.
Q: Is it important to travel and take holiday in different places?
A: Ya, I feel it is, It is important ...
By asking that question, the examiner is testing whether you can express an opinion.
Check this video out!

Other questions would be : "Is it important to take vacation on different places?"(to make you speculate) or "Its better to travel alone or in a group?" (to make you compare)

See other question below. The examiner asks you to make you identify thing.

writer's notes: Dont only see example of IELTS conversation videos on video streaming sites, but also look for recorded news programs or talk shows (for example BBC, CNN) to see how to speak formal english properly. It will also add your new vocabularies and phrases.

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