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More about Timing Strategy in IELTS

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Simple but important thing to do during IELTS test is wearing a watch. Yes, by wearing a watch, you can check the time regularly. This checking is important to make sure that you are “on schedule”. You can try to check the time after completing each passage.

In doing the test, you might also fall behind time. So, you need to speed up. Speeding here is not always negative because it is better for you to end with more time than run out of time. Besides, it is better to miss some questions by being a rushed, than to completely miss the following questions because you have not enough time to answer it.

Plus, when you decide to increase you speed, do it efficiently. You can omit some answers initially. Having a little number of choices will also help you to answer quicker. Be careful on a tendency of being panic that can happen to you. Don’t let your self trapped in that position. Also, don’t speed up and just guess at a random choice.

You need to know exactly how far a head or behind you are with your available time. If you are only a few minutes left behind your module, do not merely guess the answer. Try to spend a little less time to think up for the answer. After you can catch back up, you can finish the rest questions with normal speed. When you have some times left, don’t forget to go back and finish the questions you left behind.

On the other hand, if you find your self are getting ahead of time, you also need to slow down. You can be more careful in determining the correct answer by doing it slowly. In fact, there are a lot of mistakes that are found because of careless error. This reality happened even to someone who actually has mastered the material. In short, you need to use a good management of time by knowing when to speed up and slow down to complete IELTS smoothly.

Reference: IELTS Secrets, copyright 2002 by MO Media

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