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IELTS Reading Tips : Tricky test

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It seems the reading test was easy, but the reality it will trick you to fall into trap of failure. so to prevent that, I give you some tips for trick that test :P

Every IELTS Reading test, no matter Academic or General has tasks of this kind. Lots of students tell me (and I agree) that this is a very confusing task :p . For those who have no idea what I am talking about, I’ll explain – this task has a statement, and your job is to say whether or not it is True, False or Not Given according to the reading passage.

How do you “attack” this question type? First learn the rule:
-  If the statement clearly appears in the text – it is True
-  If the text clearly says the opposite of the statement – it is False
-  If you didn’t find the statement to be either True or False – it is Not Given

“Eating junk food is dangerous and can lead to cancer” – T, F, NG
1) If the text clearly says that “Eating junk food is dangerous and leads to cancer” then the answer is T.
2) If the text says that “No research showed evidence that Eating junk food is dangerous and leads to cancer” then the answer is F.
3) If the text says “The research included of both genders of ages 30 to 45″ and nothing else about Eating Junk food – your answer is NG.

Don’t make these mistakes:
  • Don’t assume anything based on your knowledge and experience, read the text! It is the oldest trick in the book and they use it a lot in IELTS exams.
  • Don’t “overthink” your answer – you could start building long logical sequences that will lead you to the wrong answer.
The reading test required accuracy and time efficiency so that the time spent was not wasted. The core of the reading test is calm and carefulness in reading the given problem and no-movement wasted. And below is a short step to understand the reading test :
  1. Leave a question if you can’t answer. To spend a long time on one answer is disastrous. Go back later if you have time and guess if you have too.Remember you do not lose marks for wrong answers.
  2. Don’t panic if you don’t know anything about the passage. All the answers are in the passage and you don’t need any specialist knowledge.
  3. Remember you have no extra time to transfer your answers, many candidates think because they have extra time in listening they are able to do this in reading too. You can’t.
  4. Before the exam read as widely as possible e.g. Newspapers, magazines, journals. Don’t limit yourself to one type of text and read articles with an academic style where possible.
  5. Look at ways paragraphs are organized.
  6. Try and predict content of paragraph from the opening sentence.
  7. Give a paragraph you read an imaginary heading.
  8. Don’t concentrate on words you don’t know. It is fatal and wastes valuable time.
  9. Careless mistakes cost many marks. Copy the answer correctly if it is in the passage.
  10. Check spelling.
  11. Only give one answer if that is all that’s needed.
  12. Be careful with singular/plural.

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