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IELTS for Immigration and Study Abroad

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One of the requirement for immigration and study abroad into English-language countries is English language assessment such as IELTS.

People usually do not like it because not only it will adds expenses into their process of immigration and study abroad, it also needs time for preparation. In immigration to certain destinations and under some specific programs, like Australia General skilled migration program, the immigration programs require that both the principal applicant and their spouse appear for the IELTS test as well. While this makes the Immigration process more expensive and tougher, what applicants do not realize is the fact that IELTS test is only for their benefit. How IELTS benefits you?

Importance of IELTS test
So why has the IELTS test become such an integral part of the immigration applications for almost all Immigration destinations and programs? And why are the applicants made to undergo the strenuous IELTS preparation process and spend huge amount of funds in undergoing these tests? More importantly, what we need to think about is, why is it that no options are provided for applicants who are unable to qualify through this test?

The reason is that English language skills have always been a key selection criterion under the points based system, from the very start. In the past the Immigration officers used to take one-to-one interview to judge the English language skills of the applicant and decide how many points they would like to credit to the applicant.

But this kind of system created animosities and unfair situations, for both Visa processing office and immigration applicants. And then we need for an objective test that was internationally acceptable, standardized benchmark and assessment tool. Standardization was very important so as to provide equal opportunity to all applicants. Thus, IELTS became an integral part of the immigration process and applications, especially for skilled professionals, independent immigration, General skilled Migrant and in some cases Green card visa applications as well. IELTS test is thereby based on evaluating applicant's skills in all four components of the language, including speaking, listening, understanding and reading.

IELTS is also made an important requirement for students who opt to study overseas to majority of popular destinations, like Canada, Australia, UK, USA and New Zealand. Language is clearly one key area that can and does create difficult situations, especially when applicants do not have English as their primary language and have never had exposure to international language accents.

For students who are not very fluent in the language, it can literally turn out to be a nightmare as they land in a course and university where they cannot understand the instructions and are unable to communicate with teachers and rest of the group.

The point is, with IELTS, either you use it for immigration or study abroad, you will use it for preparing yourself live your life abroad. English is international language, you could use it anywhere in this world. There will be some people who understand English and it will make your life easier.

So now, have you had clear understanding of how IELTS benefits you if you want to take immigration or study abroad ?

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