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IELTS Listening : Focus and Steady

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Do you find the IELTS listening exam more difficult than other listening exams you have done?  What makes it seem difficult?  It has the same format as other exams – filling in spaces, completing information, matching exercises, and a variety of accents.  So why does it seem more complicated?

Remember: all the answers are given in the recording so concentration is the key. Stay focused! Don’t allow your attention to wander for even a second!

After you have completed a listening section and answered the questions, you can listen to it again while reading the script, thus activating both your listening and visual senses simultaneously. Do this not only to check whether you’ve got those answers right (in the exam you only get to listen to the recording once), but to become further aware of the pronunciation and rhythm of spoken sentences, while looking at them printed. We learn best by activating many senses simultaneously (visual and auditory in this case). And below is a short step to understand the listening test :

1.) Read instructions carefully, don’t just glance at them. They are not always the same as in practice or previous tests.
2). Often the speaker will give you an answer and then correct themselves-watch out for this. It’s a common trick.
3). Try and anticipate what the speaker will say. This requires concentration-easy in your own language, but more difficult in English.
4). Remember if you want a high score you should aim to get all questions in parts one and two correct. Don’t make any careless mistakes in the easier sections.
5). Although there are not that many IELTS books on the market other Cambridge exam preparation materials can provide valuable practice such as FCE and CAE preparation books.
6). Small errors can lead to low score such as spelling, omitting 's' or incomplete times.
7). Don’t  panic if you think the topic is too difficult or the speaker is too fast. Relax and tune in.
8). Read, write and listen at the same time. Tricky but practice!!
9). Don’t leave blanks, you might as well guess you won’t be penalized!
So that's it. Focus is your key to success the listening test. Good luck Test Takers ;)

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