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Unfamiliar Vocabulary in Reading IELTS

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It is more than likely for you to deal with some unfamiliar vocabularies. Being panic for sure is not the best solution to have. Instead, you can practice on the following strategies to solve your vocabulary problem.

Check the content
You should check at the surrounding words of the difficult vocabulary. You can have a look at the words just before and after the unfamiliar vocabulary. Those words will help you to guess the meaning correctly, based on the context.

Look for a definition
For some cases, the writer realizes that the word that he or she uses might be very uncommon. Therefore, they usually simply translate the meaning of that word by using easier to understand unfamiliar vocabulary.

Identify the word’s place and purpose
Understanding whether a word is a noun, adjective, a verb or an adverb in a sentence is very essential skill to own. It will also help in understanding the meaning of the word.

Look for connective words
Connective words usually located near the unfamiliar vocabulary. That is why it can be used to help in identifying the general direction of the argument. There are four kinds of common connective words, including addition, sequence in order, consequence, and contrast/ comparison.

Break the word down into syllable
You can also get help to identify the meaning of the word by knowing pretty well on the common roots, affixes and possible similarity in your own language.

Treat the unknown word as an algebraic entity ‘X’
You can make use the relationship among the unfamiliar vocabulary, ‘X’, and the concept that you are familiar with.  You can use this way to help you answering questions that are related to ‘X’

Source: IELTS to Success Preparation Tips and Practice Test by Eric van Bemmel and Janina Tucker (Melbourne: 1997)

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