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Differentiating T/F/NG in Reading IELTS

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Always remember that in T/F/NG section, test taker’s ability to find particular information from the reading passage will be assessed. It does not mean that as a test taker, you have to memorize the passage in detail to discern whether the answer is T (True), F (False), or NG (Not Given).

You can use the following guideline to help you determine the correct answer. Read carefully to find the differences.

  1. You should pick ‘false’ as the answer when the question states an information or statement that is on the contrary to what is mentioned in the passage. You need to make sure that the argument is in contrast. You can simply draw a line on the sentence in the passage to make sure that you don’t miss any important point.
  2. You need to answer ‘not given’ when you cannot find the information or statement mentioned in the passage. In this context, you cannot say it is true and false. It is just a condition where you cannot find any supporting argument to support ‘true’ or ‘false’ as the answer.
  3. You can choose ‘true’ as your answer when you find that the information or statement is explicitly mentioned in the passage. You need to be aware because sometimes, the words are not exactly the same but they are same in meaning.

It should be highlighted as well that you should understand that you should not use your prior knowledge to help you answering questions in this section. Every answer that you have should be referred to the passage.

One of the ways to referred back the statement to the reading passage is by scanning and marking. Scanning is important to do remembering that you will get only a short time to read the passage. Marking should not be forgotten as it can give some easiness, especially in verifying our answers.

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