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IELTS Ideas: Money | Follow-up

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Alhamdulillah, akhirnya bisa juga membagi materi IELTS speaking ini via blog IELTS Kampung Inggris Pare.

Materi ini diajarkan di program Masterclass C2 Band 7+ English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare. Tepatnya pada kelas IELTS Speaking Feedback.

1/ What can parents do to teach children save money?
- tell children what if they really want something they should wait and save to buy it
- introduce children to saving by showing its advantages
- tell children that it’s important to plan purchases before going shopping
- give children some money and let them choose what to spend it on
- explain that money doesn’t grow on trees and parents have to work to earn it.
- teach children to keep track of their money putting down their expenses in a notebook.

2/ Why do young people tend to waste money?
- young people tend to keep up with the fashion trend in order to attract attention, and name brands are very expensive
- there is always competition among young people and they are to waste to be better than others.
- to reflect their personality and express their individuality.
- young people tend to spend money out of an emotional reason

3/ Do schools in your country teach anything about finances?
- the ins and out finances
- money management skills
- how to make decisions about financial products and services
- how investments can benefit from compounded growth
- how to avoid debt
- school teachers might not have the skillset to teach finance
- there are not enough teachers who have the expertise to teach finance
- school think that financial knowledge isn’t useful until students are ready to use it
- School think that there are more important subjects than financial literacy.

4/ What kind of things do people like to buy in our country?
- product that makes or saves money such as energy saving power strips, energy saving socket power timers, water filter systems portable space heaters, LED bulbs, water saving toilet valves, rain barrels, solar powered devices.
- Products that make life healthy and comfortable such as vitamins and supplements, personal care products (cosmetics, shampoo, hair conditioners, shower gels, body moisturizers, hand washes), candles, drapery, lighting , photo frames, bed wedges, bean bad chairs, kitchen equipment (microwave ovens, dishwashers), furniture, cars.
- Products that save time and effort such as kitchen stuff, (blenders, grinders, food choppers, cheese slicers, juicers), gadgets (smartphone, GPS unit, Personal Digital Assistants, electronic calculators, portable scanners)
- Products that improve knowledge and develop life skills, such as books, attending seminars, coaching, IELTS online couses.

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