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IELTS Idea: Pets | Intro

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Topik yang akan saya sharing kali ini tentang PETS. Topik ini bisa dikatakan tidak begitu sulit, dan juga tidak begitu gampang, dikarenakan orang Indonesia sudah terbiasa dengan Hewan Peliharaan. Seperti apa pertanyaan yang kira-kira akan muncul pada topik IELTS tentang PETS ? berikut saya share prediksi pertanyaan beserta ide-ide yang dapat digunakan untuk menjawab pertanyaan ini.

1/ Do you keep a pet?

Reasons to keep pets:
-          Keeping pets is a great way to improve my mood
-          They give people unconditional love and are always faithful
-          They are an antidote for loneliness
-          They are known to reduce stress and anxiety levels
-          They are excellent companions
-          They teach people how to nurture, communicate and build a trusted bond
-          They prevent boredom
-          They provide entertainment
-          They bring the attachment and fun

-          I don’t like animals
-          I am allergic to pets with fur
-          I often travel on business and can’t provide with necessary care

2/ What is your favorite animal?
A dog
My favorite animals are dogs because they:

-          Are super smart
-          Are loyal
-          Are devoted
-          Are the perfect doorbell and security system
-          Make people happier
-          Make people active
-          Make people laugh
-          Love people unconditionally

A cat
I love cats because they:
-          Are cute
-          Are playful and agile
-          Are fun
-          Are easy to care for
-          Are independent

A python
I love pythons because they:
-          Are exotic
-          Are fascinating
-          Are easy to tame and handle
-          Are extremely easy to take care of
-          Don’t need very much attention from their owners

A hamster:
 I like hamsters because they:
-          Are cute, small and fury
-          Are self-content
-          Are friendly
-          Love to be cuddled
-          Are very simple to look after

A guinea pig:
My favorite animals are guinea pigs:
-          Are very friendly
-          Are easy to care for
-          Are not destructive
-          Don’t require a lot of commitment

3/ Do you like watching animals in the zoo?
I like watching animals in the zoo because:
-          It’s a chance for me to observe wildlife I may otherwise never see
-          It’s very soothing
-          It’s a good rest for me
-          It’s enjoyable
-          It’s a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of the city
-          It’s a great way to relax and recharge batteries
-          It helps me to collect my thoughts
-          It’s a way for me to spend time in peace and silence

I don’t like watching animals in the zoo because:
-          I don’t like zoos for causing great suffering and stress to the captive animals.

4/ Is it important to let children know about animals?
It is important to let children know about the animals as animals can teach children:
-          Responsibility
-          To read body language which they can then caddy over to their human interactions as well
-          To feel empathy
-          To express feelings of love, compassion, caring and concern
-          Important social behaviors models such as respecting elders, being nice to neighbors, helping each other out and others

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