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IELTS Idea: Space Travel | Intro

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Jika saat kamu mengikuti ujian speaking IELTS, dan tetiba si penguji menanyakan pertanyaan dengan topik Space Travel. Apakah kamu sudah menyiapkan bagaimana merespon pertanyaan yang ditanyaakan? 

Berikut saya bagikan kisi-kisi jawaban dan prediksi pertanyaan seputar topik Space Travel. Semoga bermanfaat. 

1/ Do you want to travel in the outer space?
  • I want to travel in the outer space because:
  • I love space
  • I would like to discover a new planet or living thing
  • I would like to see the starts close up
  • I’d love to float around
  • I’d love to look down on earth
  • I’d love to see some spiral galaxies
  • It would be a great experience

  • I don’t want to travel in the outer space because:
  • It can be dangerous as I might get lost or run out of oxygen
  • The amount of training I have to do before such a trip is quite big
  • I will be really scared there
  • If I had an opportunity, I:
  • Would definitely take it
  • Don’t think I would get up the nerve to take it
  • Doubt I would take it

2/ Do you think it’s necessary to see other planets?
  • To evaluate if they resources that we can make use of
  • To find new things or new ideas that will help us with science, technology and medicine
  • To see if there is any sign of life on them
  • To find out how things in our solar system work

3/ Do you like to travel by air?
I like travelling by air because it:
  • Is the safest way to travel
  • Is the fastest way to get anywhere
  • Opens up nearly an unlimited number of possibilities
  • Treats me to some great views just out the window
  • Allows me to switch off
  • Save my time

  • I am afraid of heights
  • I cant afford

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