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IELTS Ideas: Best Friend | Cue Card

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Beberapa peserta IELTS mengalami kesulitan menjawab pertanyaan speaking part 2. Boleh jadi mereka terkendala akan pembendaharaan kosa kata. Selain itu, ide juga berperan penting dalam menyusun jawaban. 

Dalam sesi kali ini, saya akan membagi beberapa kosa kata dan ide yang dapat digunakan pada topik Best Friend pada sesi speaking part 2 IELTS

Cue Card: Best Friend 

Describe one of your best friends:

You should say:
  • how you first met
  • how long you’ve been friends
  • what you used to do to together
  • explain why you like this person

1/ How did you first meet?

Where met:
at work/ at fitness centre/ in a swimming pool/ in a sports club/ in a locker room/ attended the same hobby classes/ in a social network/ in a chatroom/ online/ on a dating site/ during a social event/ in a book club or book store/ at a cafe or night club/ at a private party/ in a park/ during a cultural party/ at a seminar/ at  self-improvement club/ at a public speaking club/ at a singles club or event/ during a contest or tournament/ in a quest room

How became friends:
  • had to work in a team
  • once started a conversation
  • sometimes made small talk
  • once initiated a get-together
  • attended an English learning course
  • attended the same classes
  • walked dogs together for a long time
  • exchanged telephone numbers
  • we hit it off fast
  • first, I didnt like them at all, but later we became inseparable friends
  • I hated them for a good year
  • it was inevitable that we became best friends
  • we almost immediately became best friends

2/ How long have you been friends?
  • next year we’ll have been friends for X years
  • we’ve been friends for X years now
  • we’ve been friends since X

3/ What did you like to do with this person?

Play computer games/ go out/ hang out/ travel/ speak on the phone/ go shopping/ go to concerts/ go to the cinema/ go to cafes and restaurants/ play bowling/ have a small get-together/ sit around and talk/ walk in the park/ it doesnt really matter what we do as long as we are together

4/ Why is he or she your best friend?
  • be on the same wavelength
  • have a lot in common
  • be so much alike
  • enjoy my friend’s company
  • share special moments
  • laugh at the same jokes
  • trust this person
  • can always rely on my best friend
  • get problems off my chest
  • have a good time together
  • confide in this person
  • tell my friend all my secrets
  • ask for advice
  • we are always there for one another
  • will support me no matter what
  • supports when times are hard
  • insult each other in a playful way without either of use feeling offended
  • will not deliberately hurt my feelings
  • has qualities that are in short supply nowadays
  • never judges me

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