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IELTS Ideas: Meal | Follow-up

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Materi ini disampaikan pada program IELTS Masterclass English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare. Topik kali ini adalah Meal. Banyak pertanyaan yang dapat muncul dari topik ini. 

Bisa saja tim penguji IELTS akan menanyakan 'opinion questions', 'comparison questions' atau "hypothetical questions' dari topik Meal kali. Toh, apapun nanti pertanyaan yang muncul di saat ujian IELTS Anda, idea yang saya bagikan ini dapat digunakan dalam sesi praktik, sehingga Anda akan terbiasa akan topik kali ini. 

1/ What’s the difference between having meals at home and at a restaurant? 
Reasons to eat at home:
- is cheaper 
- is faster
- is more nutritious and healthy
- saves time 
- save money
- brings family together 
- let’s avoid food poisoning
- let’s control weight

Reasons to eat out:
- they enjoy the feeling of eating food that someone else has made
- they don’t like to clean up
- they don’t want to spend time on grocery shopping
- they don’t have time to cook
- they don’t know how to cook
- they like flexibility of choosing and eating whatever is offered on the menu
- they love food but have no passion for cooking
- they enjoy the outing and event of eating 
- being at a restaurant invites people of interact with others in a social way

2/ How often do people in your country like to eat out? 
- daily, day by day, almost every day, time and again, quite often, occasionally, from time to time, hardly ever, quite seldom, once or twice a week or a year, almost never

Why often:
People often eat out as:
- they often have business meetings 
- they enjoy the atmosphere of cafes and restaurants
- they are too lazy to cook
- they get really tired at work and have no energy to do anything at home
- they just like it
- they like it
- they like a varied menu cafes and restaurants offer
- it’s relatively cheap
- it’s just a habit

Why seldom:
It’s quite expensive
It’s some kind of a ceremonial event
It’s appropriate for special occasions and celebrations
They prefer to save money for something more important

3/ Why do some people like to eat alone?
they can take their time to savor the food
they enjoy focusing on the dining experience
they can order whatever strikes their fancy without opinions or influence from fellow dinners
they can eat as fast or as slowly as they want
they can eat in any manner they want
they can order the most expensive dish on the menu and not feel guilty
they can eat with their hands
thay can choose how to spend their time while waiting for food, either by sitting at a table and reading a book or just gazing out the window

4/ Are there any disadvantages of eating outside?
it’s more expensive that eating at home
it costs a lot more than making food at home
it can be unhealthy
It’s typically less nutritious than eating in
it limits the ability to know food ingredients
many meals are portioned excessively
restaurant meals are typically higher in calories

- Eddy Suaib, Pengajar IELTS English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare, Kediri, Indonesia

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