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IELTS Ideas: Losing things | Follow-up

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Minggu ini (25 Juli-10 Agustus 2018), saya mengajar di kelas Program IELTS Masterclass C2 Band 7+ English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare. Saya menyusun materi speaking dan mendiskusikan materi ini ke peserta dengan harapan, mereka dapat menggunkan ide-ide yang disediakan pada materi speaking sehingga mereka lebih mudah mengekspresikan idenya di saat speaking real IELTS exam

Losing things

1/ Is it easy to lose something?

It is easy to lose things if people:
  • are absent-minded
  • are badly-organized
  • don’t have special places for keeping different stuff
  • don’t have a habit of putting things in their regular place
  • get caught up thinking about their problems and take eye off the ball
  • get distracted
  • have too much stuff to keep in mind or hands

2/ How can parents teach children to be organized?
  • establish household routines
  • help them learn how to use free time
  • structure their weekends
  • help them create their own schedule for studying, chores, and activities
  • help them set interim deadlines for all the tasks they have to complete
  • put them in charge of some functions
  • encourage them to post special reminders on mirrors, doors, and elsewhere

3/ Is it important for children to be organized?
It is very important for kids to be organized as organisation:
  • is a key to productivity
  • is an important aspect in play, language, social interaction, personal management and academic task performance
  • is important to develop a structured and consistent approach to tasks at all times

It is very important for kids to be organized as it will help them to:
  • be aware of time frames and materials needed for different tasks
  • be ready on time
  • complete work
It is very important for kids to be organized as it will help them NOT to:
  • have difficult packing their school bag
  • have difficulty collecting the materials needed for play activities
  • have difficulty putting multi-step tasks together (for example, construction)
  • get distracted
4/ What would you do if you lost your phone: 
If you lost a phone, I would:
  • try to hunt it down with a help of a special app
  • post information about it in social networks
  • return to the place where I last saw the phone and repeat my way to the place where I found it missing
  • infrom the police about it

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