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IELTS Ideas: Being Bored | Intro

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Heelloo everyone..., kita jumpa lagi. Gimana perkembangan IELTS nya? Selama diasah, saya yakin skil IELTSnya pasti meningkat. Perlahan tapi pasti, gak apa-apa. Yang pastinya selalu ada progress.

Oia, kali ini saya akan membagikan ide-ide IELTS dengan topik "Bored-Boring". Langsung aja ya dibaca: 

1/ Do you ever get bored?
How often:
  • Quite often
  • From time to time
  • Seldom
  • Almost never
  • Never

I get bored when:
  • I do the same thing over and over again
  • I do tasks that require continuous attention
  • Something I do is too easy
  • I do nothing
  • I lack of interest to something I do
  • I can’t think of what to do
  • Can’t find things to occupy my time

2/ Do you feel more bored that when you were young?
  • I don’t think boredom is connected with age
  • I think boredom is common in all ages
  • No, I have learnt how to deal with boredom

3/ What do you do when you get bored?
Bake or cook something
Glam myself up
Read a book
Surf the net
Watch a movie
Organize my wardrobe
Go for a walk
Call my friends text my friends
Plan my next vacation
Go to beach
Declutter my place
Challenge myself in some way

4/ What things are boring to you?
Being stuck in traffic jams
Slow Wi-Fi
Train or plane delays
Being kept on hold
Filling in scan documents
Doing chores
Watching TV commercials. 

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