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Speaking IELTS: Practicing Based on Topic Conversation

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Practice makes perfect is in line with the last section of IELTS, speaking. In this skill, there are some parts that you can arrange in some ways so that you become the driver of the conversation between you and the examiner. You can drag the conversation to things that you master well. This skill will not be granted just like that. You need to practice to have it. That is why, it is important for you to look at some examples of the conversation topic so that you can train yourself answering the questions smoothly.

You can start practicing through the following topic examples as follow.
  • Introduce yourself
  • Describe your hometown. What is special about it?
  • Compare your hometown with another town.
  • Describe your country’s education system. What is your attitude toward this system? Is it effective?
  • Describe the organization you work for. What is it? What does it do? What is your job description?
  • Describe the process of taking job in your country.
  • Compare the role of man and woman in your country.
  • What kind of book do you like? Why do you like it?
  • Name a book, movie, or other work of arts that impress you a lot? Why do you feel that way?
  • Why do people can get addicted to video games? How can we cope the addiction problem?
  • Do you have any collection? What do you like to collect? Why do you consider it as a collection?
  • What is your biggest dream? What have you done to achieve that dream?
  • What is your favorite color? When did the first time you like that color? What makes you love it?
  • Describe one of your photos. When, where and with whom it was taken? Tell the story behind that photograph
Try to look for a partner as the one who is able to criticize your speaking. If you don’t have any, make sure that you record it then use a speaking rubric to evaluate it.
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