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Grab the Skills in Listening IELTS

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In IELTS, recording in listening section will only be played once. Therefore, you must apply some strategies to nail it. First, it is important for you to understand well main skills of this section.
Those main skills are:

1. Understanding the instruction
In IELTS, you will have the instruction both in written and spoken forms. You should read and listen to it carefully. Make sure that you follow it exactly then answer it in the correct way.

2. Previewing and predicting
Before the recording begins, you will get 30 second to read the questions. You can use this time to make yourself familiar with it. Besides, you can also prepare yourself to listen to the information that you need.
You can do some great steps in this stage to prepare yourself better.
First, you could study the question carefully and try to predict what type of answer is required. You should check whether you need to give detail about a date, name or maybe number.
Then, you can check the difference between similar-looking pictures or diagrams.

3. Listening for specific information
Here, you can use keywords and common connective words to help you to give signal for the specific information needed to answer the question. Make sure that while writing for some details from the recording, you continue to listen to the information given in the recording because you will get a second chance to listen to the recording.

4. Checking and rewriting
In this section, you will get another 30 seconds to check your answer. The important thing to do is make sure that your answer corresponds with the given instructions. You should only give necessary point in your answer. At the end, use your 10 minutes to ensure that you have transferred the answer correctly so that the number on the question paper correspond with the number on the answer sheet. You need to give more attention to transfer ring answers from tables as sometimes the items are not ordered linearly.

Reference: IELTS to Success Preparation Tips and Practice Test (Melbourne, 1997)

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