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IELTS Reading Task: The Reading Question Types.

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There are three types of multiple choice questions in the IELTS reading:
Type 1. Where there is one possible answer.
Type 2. Where there are multiple answers for only one mark.
Type 3. Where there are multiple answers and one mark for each.
For these questions you may be given the start of a sentence which you have  to  complete  with  one  out  of  four  choices.  Or you may be presented with a question and asked to find two, three or four items in a list of answers. 

You could be asked to identify facts or opinions in the texts.

Try this examples below.
Type 1.
Questions 1-3
Choose the appropriate letters A-D and write them in boxes 1-3 on your answer sheet.
1.      According to information in the text, asparagine
A.     is poisonous.
B.     can cause cancer.
C.     is harmless unless heated.
D.     should only be eaten in small amounts.

2.      According to information in the text, acrylamide
A.     has been found in lots of fried food.
B.     has been found in snacks in Sweden.
C.     is only found in western cooking.
D.     is in water.

3.  According to information in the text, process foods
A.     should be avoided.
B.     are cheaper.
C.     are full of chemicals.
D.     are the most tasty foods.

 Type 2.
Questions 4
Write TWO letters A-F in box 4 on your answer sheet.
4.  Which TWO examples of food is asparagine found in?
A.     Peanuts
B.     Rice
C.     French fries
D.     Asparagus
E.      Chocolate
F.      Bananas
Type 3.
Questions 5-7
The list below gives some of the problems for dieters raised by Dr. Jones.
Which THREE of these problems are mentioned by the writer of text?
A. Accessible junk food.
B. Coffee bars and after-work drinks.
C. Partners.
D. Stress & emotional situations.
E. Saboteurs and false friends.
F. Weakened resolve.

How to do the multiple choice questions
-          Read the instructions carefully and check how many letters you need to circle.
-          Skim all the questions and the answer choices quickly. As you do this,
o   Underline  the  key  words  (the  words  that  give  you  the  most information).
o   Try  to  get  an  idea  of  the  topic  you  will  be  reading  about  from  the vocabulary of the questions.
o   Look at any illustrations or diagrams that go with the text.
-          Go back to the first question. Decide if you are looking for specific information or whether the question requires you to understand the whole text. Then either scan or skim the text, as appropriate, to find the answer.

-          Read the relevant part of the text very carefully.
-          Don’t leave any questions unanswered.
-          Remember: Read questions carefully and eliminate unlikely answers.

Reference: How to Prepare for IELTS Writing. City University of Hongkong: English Language Center.

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