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IELTS Writing Task 1: Explaining a Diagram Process

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Usually a diagram explains the performance of an object. To catch up the meaning of a diagram, we should be focus to understand all of it components. There are some common step which is used to view diagram model like finding the primary part of it, relationship between its components, then command of a step that shown in diagram, and terminated by some buttons that might help you to understand the meaning of the process. For example, we have a base operation diagram of hydraulic lift as reported on:


1.     Lift carriage (F)              
2.     Control button (A)                    
3.     Piston (G)                                   
4.     Electric wires (C)                       
5.     Hydraulic fluid (B)
6.     Piston housing (I)
7.     Pump (H)
8.     Valve (E)
9.     Fluid tank (D)

We can finish this task by the solution below:

In outline, the diagram illustrates the performance of a hydraulic lift. The system also consists of some parts like the lift carriage where the passengers stand on it, a piston that cause rise and fall the load and a pipes track that carry hydraulic fluid.

The passenger could raise or lowering the lift by pressing the “up” control button that causes fluid movement from the tank into the bottom of the fluid tank. We will see that the piston get pressed up. When the fluid fills up the piston, its position will be rise. The lift carriage that related to the top of piston will be forced up to. As we can see at the diagram, the flow of hydraulic fluid represent by the blue arrows. The process when the passengers want to get down almost the same with the previous case. The differences are located on the control button that should be pressed, followed by process flow of fluid and the piston. An electric signal is sent so the pump will be switch off when the “down” control button pressed. Simultaneously, a signal also sent to a valve in front of the pump to cut the fluid’s flow from the piston back to the fluid tank. The reversing flow shown in the diagram represent by the red arrows. The piston and lift would be brought back down caused by the gravity. 

From the discussion above we can see that there are three main parts of describing a process like:

  • Process
    • In this part we have to describe the performance of an object. We need to watch this stage carefully.
  • Object
    • We should describe something or someone that related to the diagram.
  • Data
    • We should describe the changes and trends of the data.

These are tips and tricks about IELTS Writing Task 1: Explaining a Diagram Process, good luck.

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