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IELTS Reading Task: Yes, No, Not Given or True, False, Not Given

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These tasks either ask you to identify the writer’s views or claims in the text or identify information in the text.
You will be given a list of statements which are either opinions or facts and you have to decide for:
Type 1: if they are opinions, whether they are the opinions of the writer or not or not given in the text.
Type 2: if they are facts, whether they are true, false or not given in the text.
For the type 1, writer views may not be directly stated, so you may have to work out what is implied.

Try this example below.

How to do:
-          Read the instructions carefully,
-          Quickly read through all the statements to get an idea about the topic.
-          Read the first statement more carefully. Understand the main topic.
-          Search for the section of the text which deals with the idea or fact.
-          Once you have found the relevant section, read it carefully. For type 1, if the statement disagrees with the ‘s writers’ opinion, then select ‘no’ and if the author doesn’t give an opinion, then select ‘not given’. Fot the type 2. If the statement is the opposite to the information in the text, then select ‘false’ and there’s no mention of it, select ‘not given’.
-          Continue with the rest of the statements.

Reference: How to Prepare for IELTS Writing. City University of Hongkong: English Language Center.

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