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IELTS Ideas: Best Friend | Cue Card

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Beberapa peserta IELTS mengalami kesulitan menjawab pertanyaan speaking part 2. Boleh jadi mereka terkendala akan pembendaharaan kosa kata. Selain itu, ide juga berperan penting dalam menyusun jawaban. 

Dalam sesi kali ini, saya akan membagi beberapa kosa kata dan ide yang dapat digunakan pada topik Best Friend pada sesi speaking part 2 IELTS

Cue Card: Best Friend 

Describe one of your best friends:

You should say:
  • how you first met
  • how long you’ve been friends
  • what you used to do to together
  • explain why you like this person

1/ How did you first meet?

Where met:
at work/ at fitness centre/ in a swimming pool/ in a sports club/ in a locker room/ attended the same hobby classes/ in a social network/ in a chatroom/ online/ on a dating site/ during a social event/ in a book club or book store/ at a cafe or night club/ at a private party/ in a park/ during a cultural party/ at a seminar/ at  self-improvement club/ at a public speaking club/ at a singles club or event/ during a contest or tournament/ in a quest room

How became friends:
  • had to work in a team
  • once started a conversation
  • sometimes made small talk
  • once initiated a get-together
  • attended an English learning course
  • attended the same classes
  • walked dogs together for a long time
  • exchanged telephone numbers
  • we hit it off fast
  • first, I didnt like them at all, but later we became inseparable friends
  • I hated them for a good year
  • it was inevitable that we became best friends
  • we almost immediately became best friends

2/ How long have you been friends?
  • next year we’ll have been friends for X years
  • we’ve been friends for X years now
  • we’ve been friends since X

3/ What did you like to do with this person?

Play computer games/ go out/ hang out/ travel/ speak on the phone/ go shopping/ go to concerts/ go to the cinema/ go to cafes and restaurants/ play bowling/ have a small get-together/ sit around and talk/ walk in the park/ it doesnt really matter what we do as long as we are together

4/ Why is he or she your best friend?
  • be on the same wavelength
  • have a lot in common
  • be so much alike
  • enjoy my friend’s company
  • share special moments
  • laugh at the same jokes
  • trust this person
  • can always rely on my best friend
  • get problems off my chest
  • have a good time together
  • confide in this person
  • tell my friend all my secrets
  • ask for advice
  • we are always there for one another
  • will support me no matter what
  • supports when times are hard
  • insult each other in a playful way without either of use feeling offended
  • will not deliberately hurt my feelings
  • has qualities that are in short supply nowadays
  • never judges me

Salah satu topik pembahasan IELTS Speaking di program IELTS Masterclass English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare. 

- Eddy Suaib, Pengajar IELTS English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare, Kediri, Indonesia

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IELTS Ideas: Meal | Follow-up

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Materi ini disampaikan pada program IELTS Masterclass English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare. Topik kali ini adalah Meal. Banyak pertanyaan yang dapat muncul dari topik ini. 

Bisa saja tim penguji IELTS akan menanyakan 'opinion questions', 'comparison questions' atau "hypothetical questions' dari topik Meal kali. Toh, apapun nanti pertanyaan yang muncul di saat ujian IELTS Anda, idea yang saya bagikan ini dapat digunakan dalam sesi praktik, sehingga Anda akan terbiasa akan topik kali ini. 

1/ What’s the difference between having meals at home and at a restaurant? 
Reasons to eat at home:
- is cheaper 
- is faster
- is more nutritious and healthy
- saves time 
- save money
- brings family together 
- let’s avoid food poisoning
- let’s control weight

Reasons to eat out:
- they enjoy the feeling of eating food that someone else has made
- they don’t like to clean up
- they don’t want to spend time on grocery shopping
- they don’t have time to cook
- they don’t know how to cook
- they like flexibility of choosing and eating whatever is offered on the menu
- they love food but have no passion for cooking
- they enjoy the outing and event of eating 
- being at a restaurant invites people of interact with others in a social way

2/ How often do people in your country like to eat out? 
- daily, day by day, almost every day, time and again, quite often, occasionally, from time to time, hardly ever, quite seldom, once or twice a week or a year, almost never

Why often:
People often eat out as:
- they often have business meetings 
- they enjoy the atmosphere of cafes and restaurants
- they are too lazy to cook
- they get really tired at work and have no energy to do anything at home
- they just like it
- they like it
- they like a varied menu cafes and restaurants offer
- it’s relatively cheap
- it’s just a habit

Why seldom:
It’s quite expensive
It’s some kind of a ceremonial event
It’s appropriate for special occasions and celebrations
They prefer to save money for something more important

3/ Why do some people like to eat alone?
they can take their time to savor the food
they enjoy focusing on the dining experience
they can order whatever strikes their fancy without opinions or influence from fellow dinners
they can eat as fast or as slowly as they want
they can eat in any manner they want
they can order the most expensive dish on the menu and not feel guilty
they can eat with their hands
thay can choose how to spend their time while waiting for food, either by sitting at a table and reading a book or just gazing out the window

4/ Are there any disadvantages of eating outside?
it’s more expensive that eating at home
it costs a lot more than making food at home
it can be unhealthy
It’s typically less nutritious than eating in
it limits the ability to know food ingredients
many meals are portioned excessively
restaurant meals are typically higher in calories

- Eddy Suaib, Pengajar IELTS English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare, Kediri, Indonesia

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IELTS Ideas: Losing things | Follow-up

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Minggu ini (25 Juli-10 Agustus 2018), saya mengajar di kelas Program IELTS Masterclass C2 Band 7+ English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare. Saya menyusun materi speaking dan mendiskusikan materi ini ke peserta dengan harapan, mereka dapat menggunkan ide-ide yang disediakan pada materi speaking sehingga mereka lebih mudah mengekspresikan idenya di saat speaking real IELTS exam

Losing things

1/ Is it easy to lose something?

It is easy to lose things if people:
  • are absent-minded
  • are badly-organized
  • don’t have special places for keeping different stuff
  • don’t have a habit of putting things in their regular place
  • get caught up thinking about their problems and take eye off the ball
  • get distracted
  • have too much stuff to keep in mind or hands

2/ How can parents teach children to be organized?
  • establish household routines
  • help them learn how to use free time
  • structure their weekends
  • help them create their own schedule for studying, chores, and activities
  • help them set interim deadlines for all the tasks they have to complete
  • put them in charge of some functions
  • encourage them to post special reminders on mirrors, doors, and elsewhere

3/ Is it important for children to be organized?
It is very important for kids to be organized as organisation:
  • is a key to productivity
  • is an important aspect in play, language, social interaction, personal management and academic task performance
  • is important to develop a structured and consistent approach to tasks at all times

It is very important for kids to be organized as it will help them to:
  • be aware of time frames and materials needed for different tasks
  • be ready on time
  • complete work
It is very important for kids to be organized as it will help them NOT to:
  • have difficult packing their school bag
  • have difficulty collecting the materials needed for play activities
  • have difficulty putting multi-step tasks together (for example, construction)
  • get distracted
4/ What would you do if you lost your phone: 
If you lost a phone, I would:
  • try to hunt it down with a help of a special app
  • post information about it in social networks
  • return to the place where I last saw the phone and repeat my way to the place where I found it missing
  • infrom the police about it

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Listen..., Listen..., and Listen for Better Improvements

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Among 4 IELTS skills, the most challenging one is listening, as it only appears once, meaning that if you missed the information then it has gone forever since no second chance is given.

This case is above found when you sit for the real exam. However, when you are at home and want to train such skills, then I suggest doing it more than one time. You can do it again and again. I am sure every time you play back the recording and re-listen it, then you are more likely to catch something new. This can be new vocabulary and/ or new ways to pronounce the phrases, prepositions and even the articles. Therefore, this helps you improve such skill if you practice it deliberately.

- Eddy Suaib, Pengajar IELTS English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare, Kediri, Indonesia

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IELTS Ideas: Money | Follow-up

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Alhamdulillah, akhirnya bisa juga membagi materi IELTS speaking ini via blog IELTS Kampung Inggris Pare.

Materi ini diajarkan di program Masterclass C2 Band 7+ English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare. Tepatnya pada kelas IELTS Speaking Feedback.

1/ What can parents do to teach children save money?
- tell children what if they really want something they should wait and save to buy it
- introduce children to saving by showing its advantages
- tell children that it’s important to plan purchases before going shopping
- give children some money and let them choose what to spend it on
- explain that money doesn’t grow on trees and parents have to work to earn it.
- teach children to keep track of their money putting down their expenses in a notebook.

2/ Why do young people tend to waste money?
- young people tend to keep up with the fashion trend in order to attract attention, and name brands are very expensive
- there is always competition among young people and they are to waste to be better than others.
- to reflect their personality and express their individuality.
- young people tend to spend money out of an emotional reason

3/ Do schools in your country teach anything about finances?
- the ins and out finances
- money management skills
- how to make decisions about financial products and services
- how investments can benefit from compounded growth
- how to avoid debt
- school teachers might not have the skillset to teach finance
- there are not enough teachers who have the expertise to teach finance
- school think that financial knowledge isn’t useful until students are ready to use it
- School think that there are more important subjects than financial literacy.

4/ What kind of things do people like to buy in our country?
- product that makes or saves money such as energy saving power strips, energy saving socket power timers, water filter systems portable space heaters, LED bulbs, water saving toilet valves, rain barrels, solar powered devices.
- Products that make life healthy and comfortable such as vitamins and supplements, personal care products (cosmetics, shampoo, hair conditioners, shower gels, body moisturizers, hand washes), candles, drapery, lighting , photo frames, bed wedges, bean bad chairs, kitchen equipment (microwave ovens, dishwashers), furniture, cars.
- Products that save time and effort such as kitchen stuff, (blenders, grinders, food choppers, cheese slicers, juicers), gadgets (smartphone, GPS unit, Personal Digital Assistants, electronic calculators, portable scanners)
- Products that improve knowledge and develop life skills, such as books, attending seminars, coaching, IELTS online couses.

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IELTS Ideas: New things | Follow-up

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Hari ketiga mengajar di Program IELTS Masterclass C2 Band 7+ English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare untuk periode 25 Juli - 10 Agustus 2018. 

Awalnya saya tidak kepikiran untuk memposting hasil pencarian ide untuk IELTS speaking feedback di English Studio ini. Ingin berbagi adalah alasan utama saya kenapa akhirtnya saya pun memposting ini. Alasan kedua adalah supaya saya punya arsip materi. Hitung-hitung kalau besok dibutuhkan, tinggal ambil aja di blog ini, tanpa perlu bongkar-bongkar ini laptop :D

New things

Is it good for people to try new things?
Trying new things is good for people because it:
-       allows people to expand their minds and learn
-       helps people vanquish their fears
-       helps people retain positive emotions and minimize negative ones
-       makes people feel like they are high in the sky
-       has  a positive impact on people’s personal growth and health
-       keeps people inspired and motivated
-       gives people a fresh perspective and gets them excited
-       gives people’s soul a boost
-       broadens people’s horizons
-       feeds people’s creativity
-       boosts people’s creativity
-       increases people’s confidence
-       helps people break out of a rut
-       helps people see value around them
-       lets people gain knowledge
-       might people discover unknown talents
-       lets people learn more about themselves

Why are some people afraid of trying new things?
-       are afraid to be outside their comfort zone
-       are afraid to fail
-       worry that the action will result in immediate pain or discomfort
-       are worried that the action will produce an intolerable immediate outcome
-       are afraid of physical or material harm
-       are afraid of changes
-       have an instinctive fear of the unknown
-       feel insecure in the face of the unknown
-       are afraid to lose something they already have
-       don’t know what it’s like
-       any changes cause stress

What help do people need when they are trying to new things?
They need
-       trust in their ability to pull through
-       simple tips and techniques to effectively manage change-related stress
-       expert guidance
-       psychological support
-       praise even for little accomplishments

What for
-       to help them see gains from trying something new
-       to help them feel safe and secure
-       to help them deal with various feelings like threat anxiety, relief
-       to help them to overcome their fears

What are some of the difficulties a person might have when they try something new?
When trying something new a person might:
-       become bored
-       make mistakes
-       fail to do it
-       harm themselves in some way
-       get hurt
-       lose their confidence because it was not as good as they thought it would be

Do you think it’s better to have new experiences when you are young or when you are older?
It’s better to have new experiences when you are young because older people:
-       often make the conscious decision to stop learning even though they may not realize it
-       have come to believe that they are too old to learn something new
-       no longer need to master new skills to survive
-       get tired of learning
-       feel they have already had all experiences they need
-       have physical changes such as reduced visions and hearing ability which in turn have an effect on their ability to learn and master new skills.
-       Need more time to learn new things

- Eddy Suaib, Pengajar IELTS English Studio Kampung Inggris Pare, Kediri, Indonesia

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Ini dia tips dan trik Menulis Writing Task 1 Map

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Kemarin tanggal 2 Juni 2017 di kelas IELTS Modular English Studio, saya dan para peserta membahas Writing Task 1 Map. Agar kamu dapat menyelesaikan penulisan Map ini dengan cepat dan akurat, lakukan 2 langkah ini:

1. Kamu cukup memfokuskan pada perubahan yang nampak pada Map.
2. Gunakan deskripsi paragraf dan kelompokkan objek-objek tadi berdasarkan tahun yang ada.

Berikut contoh esai writing task 1 yang kami selesaikan di kelas Modular kemarin.

The development of a coastal area of Brightsea chronologically from the past condition to the recent one and the blueprint of its future design is presented in the diagram. Those maps are compared based on the changes made
With regard to business centre, café and shop has replaced fishermen’s cottages in the north east of the map. In the planned development, these two business assets are predicted to be demolished, and therefore restaurant will be built while supermarket will be established in the east of Lighthouse. Again, the north-east development is forecast to construct some apartments and another development is the hotel in southeast of the coastal zone which will be extended to the east.
Turning into the public service, people visiting this place can park their car next to supermarket as the planned development. There will be a sailing club around the area of the hotel, and the south west area, people will see a Ferry Wharf with Telecommunication Antenna, while there are no changes in the main road in the east of the map. 
Kamu juga dapat membaca contoh tulisan saya dengan topik yang sama. Skor esai ini band 7.5 versi testbig :
The ongoing development of a coastal belt of Brightsea from the 1950s onwards appears in the map.
Before the commercial purpose could take place in 1950 onwards, the Brightsea’s local government started to build a house for lighthouse keepers and a lighthouse, which was under constant close surveillance day and night. Also, there were few cottages of fishmongers down to the small detail with a jetty.
A more detailed look at the map shows that in today’s development the cottages and the house of lighthouse keepers have been demolished. This may be because the central activity in the Brightsea area takes place in the commercial purpose, where can be clearly seen from the map that a hotel, café and shop are built into the zone, while a ferry terminal and a main road for commuters have also presented recently. Surprisingly, several years further on, there will be telecommunication antennae in the peripheral zone of the ferry terminal. Again, the shop is reversed into a large supermarket with valet parking for visitors. In the northern part of this coastal belt, the development will consist of a family residence and restaurant, which was used as a cafeteria.
What can be drawn from the map of the coastal belt of Brightsea? Fast forward now to the 1950s the development has dramatically changed. While the lighthouse is the constant landmark, there seems likely that the ferry wharf will have a more significant change.
Ok guys, pembahasan sesi Writing IELTS Task 1 Map cukup sampai di sini. Sampai jumpa lagi pada postingan tips dan trik IELTS lainnya.

Jika butuh guru private IELTS, silahkan kontak di nomor 0813-1033-6583 atau 0813-1818-6060
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Cara Sukses Menjawab Line Graph (Waste) IELTS Writing Task 1

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Sebagai Contributor Essay Forum, tiap hari saya membaca tulisan siswa yang masuk ke forum ini. Dan tiba saatnya satu esai IELTS task 1 tentang Waste Graph yang menarik perhatian saya yang kemudian akan dibahas di blog kali ini. 

Berikut judul dan gambar dari grafiknya  :
The graph below shows the amounts of waste produced by three companies over a period of 15 years.

Hal pertama yang wajib kamu lakukan adalah dengan mengelompokan trend yang ada. 

Kali ini saya akan mengelompokan Company A dan B menjadi satu bagian paragraf yang sama, karena menunjukkan trend yang “menurun”, lalu Company C akan saya bahas di paragraf isi berikutnya.

Tapi sebelum menulis paragraf isi, kamu wajib membuat “Overview” yang menggambarkan trend grafik secara keseluruhan. Overview dapat kamu tempatkan di awal paragraf bersamaan dengan kalimat pembuka ataupun di paragraf akhir.

Berikut contoh yang saya buat:

Kalimat Pembuka:
This graph presents tonnes of waste produced in three different companies for every five years, from 2000 to 2015. 

Kalimat Overview:
The amounts of waste created from Company A and B 
showed dramatic decreases. This contrasted to the waste product of the Company C increasing gradually.

Paragraf isi 1:
After reaching a high of 12 tonnes in the first year, the amount of waste produced by Company A continued to decline dramatically to the 2000 company's B figure. As it can be seen in the Company B, the amount of waste generated rose gradually to 10 tonnes in 2005, but the converse would be true for the subsequent years and then hitting a low of 3 tonnes over the ten-year period.

Paragraf isi 2:
Although company C was close behind when it came to waste product in the 2000, this trend showed an upward trend from 4 to 6 tonnes in first 5 years and then continuously rose to overtake the figures for Company A and C in years of 2010 onwards. 

Jika digabungkan, isi keseluruhan esai sebagai berikut: 
This graph presents tonnes of waste produced in three different companies for every five years, from 2000 to 2015. The amounts of waste created from Company A and B showed dramatic decreases. This contrasted to the waste product of the Company C increasing gradually. 
After reaching a high of 12 tonnes in the first year, the amount of waste produced by Company A continued to decline dramatically to the 2000 company's B figure. As it can be seen in the Company B, the amount of waste generated rose gradually to 10 tonnes in 2005, but the converse would be true for the subsequent years and then hitting a low of 3 tonnes over the ten-year period. 
 Although Company C was close behind when it came to waste product in the 2000, this trend showed an upward trend from 4 to 6 tonnes in first 5 years and then continuously rose to overtake the figures for Company A and C in years of 2010 onwards. 
Oke, sementara itu skil IELTS yang saya share kali ini. Semoga dapat membantu meningkatkan pengetahuan kamu tentang IELTS Writing task 1, khususnya Line Graph. 

Bagi kamu yang ingin belajar IELTS Online secara Gratis, silahkan bergabung di Group Facebook kami di sini
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bisnis internet menguntungkan

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Masih bingung menentukan produk atau jasa yang akan dijual

Nah... daripada cuma bengong di rumah bisa dicoba deh jualan online. nggak hanya bisa bikin dapur tetep ngebul tetapi bisa buat aktivitas baru supaya nggak bosen dirumah terus

Masih bingung cara jualan online, Hal pertama yang harus temen2 lakukan sebelum memulai bisnis online tentunya adalah menentukan produk atau jasa yang akan di tawarkan kepada calon pembeli

Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan sedikit sharing nih buat temen2 yang bingung mau jualan produk/jasa apa yang cocok untuk dijual

Secara garis besar produk atau jasa apapun bisa anda jual di internet, dengan acuan sebagai berikut:
1. Kalau anda bisa membuat produk sendiri seperti kerajinan atau gambar bisa banget kok memulai dengan menjual produk yang kamu buat untuk dipasarkan lewat online

2. kalau kamu memiliki skill seperti menulis, membuat website dll bisa juga menawarkan jasanya lewat online. Jangan salah jasa menulis ataupun pembuatan website bisa mendaptkan penghasilan jutaan rupiah lo

3. Kalau kamu tidak memiliki kedua poin di atas tetapi memiliki modal besar, kamu bisa mencari supplier produk yang ingin anda beli dalam jumlah banyak untuk kemudian anda jual kembali.

4. yang ke empat kalau kamu saat ini nggak mempunyai ke-3 poin diatas nggak usah putus asa kamu bisa memulai jualan online lewat metode dropship kok atau reseller dan bisa kamu jual kembali

Bagaimana simple kan, dengan mengacu dari 4 point diatas, kamu bisa segera memulai jualan online yang paling cocok untuk kamu terapkan
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Cara menjawab soal IELTS Writing task 1 ala Kampung Inggris Pare (with a score of 7+)

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Banyak jalan menuju Roma. Hal ini juga berlaku dalam penulisan Writing Report Task 1 pada perolehan skor 7+.

Salah satu cara yang paling cepat dan mudah digunakan dalam penyusunan report writing task 1 adalah dengan membagi paragraf berdasarkan tahun. Contohnya sebagai berikut:

Body Paragraph 1
  • 1900 and 1950
  • Key Features: Agriculture = the highest vs the lowest one = Business and Financial. 
Berikut contoh kalimat yang saya buat: 
The figure for the Agriculture sector in the UK economy accounted for 48% in the initial year. This continued to rise slightly in the 1950 year. The contribution made by the other sectors: Business and Financial was very low, although this showed a slight rise from 1900 to 1950, between 3% and 8%, an increase of 5% in a 50-year period. This contrasted to the sector of Manufacturing experiencing a downward trend to 40% in the second year.          
Body Paragraph 2
  • 1975 and 2000
  • Key Features: Decrease for manufacturing and agriculture vs Business and Financial = increase
Berikut contoh kalimat yang saya buat: 
1975 to 2000 saw downwards in the Manufacturing sector at 18% followed by the trend for Agriculture coming last in the eventual year, at almost 1%, and those contributed the small percentages. The reverse appeared to be true for the importance of Business and Financial increasing to the 1975 year Manufacturing’s sector in 2000 and therefore this became the most important sector from all described on the graph.
Saya sengaja tidak menuliskan Introduction and Overview, karena saya memberikan Anda kesempatan untuk melakukan itu. 

Jika Anda telah menyelesaikan penulisan Introduction and Overview, atau Anda memiliki cara lain dalam menyusun paragraf isi (body paragraphs) yang dapat digunakan dalam menjawab pertanyaan yang disajikan pada sesi Writing Task 1 di atas, silahkan posting jawaban Anda di Group Facebook di sini, dengan senang hati saya akan memberikan feedback terhadap performance Anda.

* Dalam penulisan Introduction, Anda cukup membahasakan ulang dengan bahasa Anda (paraphase) judul yang Ada di atas: The graph below shows the contribution of three sectors-agriculture manufacturing, and business and financial services- to the UK economy in the twentieth century.

** Sesi ini pernah saya ajarkan di Kelas IELTS English Studio Indonesia Kampung Inggris Pare 

Link FB:



Mengundang Seminar/ Workshop IELTS: 

0813.1818.6060 atau 0813.1033.6583

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