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IELTS Writing Task: Writing “Complaint types” of task

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This is a kind of letter you write to complaint about something. It could be something you have purchased or bad service that you have been received. 
In IELTS, you may got the task to write this kind of letter in your writing task. Here are some guidelines on how to write it. We are starting with 4 basic paragraphs.
  • Start with greeting, and what you are complaining about.
Greeting such as “Dear Sir/Madam” or person’s name if it was instructed in the task instruction. Also explain shortly (in one or two sentences) what you are complaining about. For example:
“I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the mp3 player that I purchased in your store.”

  • Details
This paragraph should be the longest part in the letter. You can write here very detailed story, but still keep your pace.
    • What is the problem
For example:
“I purchased a mp3 player in your store on last Tuesday, just 3 days ago. After a few times that I used it, the play button broke off”.
    • What did you do to resolve the situation
For example:
“I contacted the store immediately in order to return the mp3 player and spoke to the shift manager. He refused to replace the tape recorder and suggested that I had it repaired.”
    • How do you feel about the problem
“You can imagine how upset I was to hear that”

  • What would you like them to do
“I insist that you replace the damaged mp3 player and send me a new one. Otherwise I will be forced to stop my payments to your store”.

  • Formal ending
“I look forward for hearing from you

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. June”

Reference: Ace the IELTS (Simon Braverman)

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