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IELTS Reading Task: Learn the rules

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Read the instruction and example. They show you exactly how your answer should be: is it a number or a name, how many words you have to write, etc. The following rules are important because they may affect your score.

When filling the answers in reading, copy the example’s style and form. See the table below.

Divorces rate
Example 1: 50%

If the example says “50%”, give your answer in this form, too (a number and a percent symbol). Don’t write it in any other form. Any other form or style like “50 percent” or “fifty percent” may harm your score.

Words Limit
Usually if there is a word limit for answer in reading task, it will be “no more than 3 words”. Prepositions (in, of, to, at, etc) and articles (a, an, the) are also counted as a word  in the answer.

The reason behind this 3 words limit is small space on the answer sheet.

One question – one answer
Don’t give more than one answer to one question, even if you see more than one option. It will result in ZERO score.
For example, if you see in a passage names of 3 countries that qualify as an answer and the question asks to name just one country for the answer, don’t even think of giving 2 or 3 names, the only correct answer is to name exactly one. Only if they ask for two names, you should name two, etc.

This is important because it shows “do you really pay attention to the questions”.

Reference: Ace the IELTS (Simon Braverman)
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