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IELTS Writing Task: Personal Letter Types

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Personal letter is usually written to a friend or a relative. It does not have many strict rules. Here is one suggestion of the structure of the personal letter types of writing.

  • Greeting and Purpose
Start with greeting and an apology (if you forgot to write). Next after that, write the purpose of your letter.
For example:
“Dear Sarah,
I am sorry I have not written for so long. My work keeps me so busy, that I never
have a minute to myself. I am writing to invite you to my wedding.”

  • The body paragraph / detail.
This paragraph must be the longest (or you can break it into 2 paragraphs). Write the main concern for why you write this letter.
“Since you have never met my future husband, you must have a million questions running through your mind right now. I hope I can tell you enough to put your mind at ease until we meet. Five months ago, I decided to take a cruise to Bahamas, to get away for a little while. And on that cruise

Faith arraigned for me to meet my future husband Alan. He is the most wonderful, loving person you could ever imagine and we are very happy together.”

  • (Not too) formal ending
Here are some examples:
“With best wishes, Kathy”
“Yours, Louse”
“With love and many thanks from me, Diana”

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